Session 1: SHAPE

Session One was a full day session. In this first session, much of the focus was on establishing relationships and building trust within the group. We did this by asking participants to reflect on and share their reasons for taking part in the Study-into-Action process, and what they hoped to contribute to and gain from the process. As the facilitation team, we also sought to lay some foundations for the subsequent eight sessions of the Study-into-Action, by explaining its origins, goals and timeline as well as introducing Somatics as an embodied approach to individual and collective change that we would be using throughout the process. To assist us in the introduction of Somatics to the Study-into-Action process, we were joined by Staci Haines, founder of generative somatics, as a guest trainer/facilitator for this first session. Further objectives for Session One were to deepen the group’s collective understanding of both male privilege and the gender binary, and to identify ways to access support, both inside and outside of the group, during the life of the Study-into-Action process.

Download a PDF of this session here.

Opening activities
Shape of (male) privilege in our lives
Support and resilience
Gender liberation
Closing activities