Our Work

The Challenging Male Supremacy Project (CMS) works with people who benefit from male privilege to develop shared feminist analysis and practice. CMS has facilitated long-term group work with men, facilitated and supported responses to specific instances of violence, presented trainings and workshops, consulted with schools and non-profit organizations, participated in conferences and panel discussions, developed digital media tools and contributed to building a network of organizations who are integrating transformative justice into their work.

The “Our Work” section of this site contains a detailed summary of our Study-Into-Action Curriculum and a few of our workshops, several digital stories and study guide materials from our Paths of Transformation DVD and information on our community accountability work.

The Challenging Male Supremacy Project (CMS) is a much-needed initiative at a time when we are daily witnessing the celebration of aggressive forms of masculinity in every sphere of life and male violence against women is escalating all over the world. It is also an encouraging sign that a social and cultural transformation is underway breaking with a tradition of male apathy in the face of such abuse.

The creativity and care that CMS has employed in shaping the program must also be praised, as it has used a diversity of techniques  -readings, discussions, bodily exercises – to create a safe environment in which abusers can reflect on their behavior, recognize the pain they have inflicted and face up to the loss the whole community has suffered because of it.

Most important, by replacing a punitive approach to abusers with one encouraging their reintegration in the community, CMS has shown us the power of ‘transformative justice’ and taken the only real path to genuine social change.

Silvia Federici – Brooklyn, November 5, 2013