Foundational to the Study-into-Action process was our practice of Somatics, an integrative approach to healing and transformation that understands and treats human beings as a complex of mind, body, and spirit. With support from Staci Haines, founder of generative somatics and long-time Somatics instructor, who co-facilitated our first sessions, we incorporated somatic practices both to become more aware of our embodiments of privilege and power and to practice taking action in the world that is more aligned with our commitment to challenge male supremacy.

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Somatics in the Study-into-Action
Somatic Practice: Commitments

Somatic Practice: Centering

Somatic Practice: Consent
Somatic Practice: Taking Action from Center (Moving, turning, standing in the room)

Somatic Practice: Mutual Connection (Hand on Chest)
Somatic Practice: Grab

Somatic Practice: Grab, Center, Face

Somatic Practice: Decline and Re-direct

Somatic Practice: Extension

Somatic Practice: Allying with Another