Welcome to the CMS Resources Section.  We hope the texts contained here can help generate a more patient, reflective, accountable,  generous and critical approach as we strive to make the world a place where all of its inhabitants can live safe, dignified and interconnected lives. We also hope that, as you move through this reader, it conveys the emotional register that we have found so vital to our work: care, empathy, grief, love, disappointment, hope, support, anger, healing and commitment, all of which have marked our collective path.

This compilation of texts initially grew out of the first Study-Into-Action that we conducted in 2008-9, with readings we all pulled together with help from our Accountability and Support Partners. Gaurav, a CMS co-founder, incorporated these readings into his work with college students, some of whom worked with him to create a more comprehensive resource.  Thanks to Andrew, Isaac, Tyler, Marty and Miguel for all the hours, ideas and meetings they put in to make this iteration possible.

The resources offered here are posted for educational purposes only. If you are the author and/or copyright holder of any of the content posted here and would like us to remove your work, please let us know and we will do so as soon as possible.

For Men Working to End Gender ViolenceViolence: Facts, Figures, and OverviewsGender, Sexuality, and ViolenceRace, Colonization, Capitalism and ViolenceFirst Person ExperiencesCommunity Accountability and Transformative JusticePractical Matters

Becoming an Ally from Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (PDF here)

Privilege 101 by Transformative Justice Law Project

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Centering Practice

The Immediate Need for Emotional Justice by Yolo Akili

Strategies for Survivors by the Philly Survivor Support Collective

How to Build Safety in a Group by The Change Agency

How to Design a Workshop by The Change Agency

ROPES Lesson Plan Format

Co-Facilitation by The Change Agency

Co-Facilitation Inventory by The Change Agency

Commitments worksheet (Personal)

Commitments worksheet (Collective)

Third Root operates at the intersection of social justice and healing, and we see the work of the Challenging Male Supremacy Project as integral to our own work – examining power and privilege generally, but also particularly in teasing out how misogyny and sexism plays out in healing and healthcare.