About CMS

The Challenging Male Supremacy Project (CMS) is a grassroots collective in New York City, composed of men working to end gender-based violence, build transformative justice and contribute to broader social movements. We do this work with support from and in collaboration with local feminist, queer and trans justice groups, as well as Bay Area-based groups generationFIVE, generative somatics, and Creative Interventions.

We are committed to strengthening the capacities of men and masculine-identified people to challenge male supremacist practices, as one part of expansive movements for collective liberation. Central to this process is the creation of structured educational spaces for activists and organizers to develop shared feminist analysis and practice. CMS has led interventions in specific instances of violence, facilitated long-term group work with men, presented trainings and workshops, developed media tools and contributed to building a network of social justice and anti-violence collectives and organizations throughout NYC who are integrating transformative justice into their work.


If you would like to read  more about our work and history, you can check out our chapter from the book The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence In Activist Communities.

generative somatics is proud to work in collaboration with the Challenging Male Supremacy project, and their rare and vital role in supporting men within our movements. They are connecting personal and social transformation at every step. CMS is committed to building allyship of men in an embodied way, not just because it’s the “right thing to do”. Imagine what our movements could be if every male-identified, movement-identified person were a member of CMS.