Session Nine was a full day session. In this final session of the Study-into-Action process, participants were given the opportunity to share appreciations and to take a critical look back on the previous eight sessions, while still building towards the future.  As facilitators, our intention was to help participants assess where they were at with respect to their commitments and to strengthen a sense of collective support for participants’ own process of moving forward on these commitments. This closing session was also an opportunity to relate our collective and individual work around gender and transformative justice to ongoing struggles for collective liberation outside of the Challenging Male Supremacy project.  Our aim was to find points of connection and collaboration to continue this work beyond our sessions together. We stated our key objectives for this session as being to: bring closure to the Study-into-Action process; deepen our commitment to taking this work forward; identify potential next steps in taking this work forward and getting the support we need to do this; and share our collective appreciations and evaluations of what we have accomplished together.

Download a PDF of this session here.

Opening activities
Reflections on Study-into-Action
Graffiti wall
Commitments check-in
Staying centered with our commitments
Taking action on our commitments
Reviewing the graffiti wall
Appreciations and Closing