Session Eight was an evening session. The emphasis in this session was reflecting upon intimate relationships as a way of deepening our collective understanding of how male privilege has shaped our experiences of and approaches to desire, love, sex, power, consent, communication, commitment, family, sexuality and masculinity. Given the range and depth of issues that we wanted to discuss, we identified several key objectives for this session, including:

  • Creating a safe supportive space for talking about intimacy, sexuality, masculinity and desire.
  • Exploring some of our unhealthy, harmful patterns of expressing desire and building connection and intimacy, and the contexts that have shaped these patterns and how they serve to challenge or reinforce male supremacy.
  • Developing a liberatory vision of feeling and expressing sexual desire.
  • Building accountability towards how we feel and express our desire by identifying the skills, practices and support we want to build better relationships and move toward a liberatory vision of desire.
  • Practicing a centered response to some of the obstacles and resistances we face in moving towards our commitments.

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Opening activities
Reflecting on practices of connection
Working on our commitments: getting support and being accountable
Closing activities